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Your child is welcome at the after school care center (in Dutch called buitenschoolse opvang or bso) before and after school starts. We pick up children from almost all schools in the Haarlemmermeer. The bso is a nice place to relax and a great place to be with peers. That’s why your child may organize his or her time with us the way he or she wants to: quietly reading a book, playing outside with friends, or taking part in the challenging activities the pedagogical employees have organized. This makes the bso a place for your child to have fun, where he or she discovers his or her interests and talents.

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All the fun and educational things your child does at our after school care center is done under the name BSO Fun. Our employees puts together an interesting program every week. The activities have a different theme each time, such as “Know what you eat”, “Destination unknown” or “Race through Space”. A different theme each time means new challenges, activities, and fun. This is incredibly fun for the children. The activities are tailored to your child’s age and are very diverse. Creative activities, for instance, as well as sports and games, cooking, technology, experiments, dance, drama etc.

Your child can come to us both before and after school.


Before school care (vso)

Would you like to bring your child before school starts? Sure, that's possible: we offer before school care from 7.30 AM. With us, your child has a quiet and pleasant start to the school day, with a delicious breakfast and time to read a book, play a game, or play with other children. Then we bring your child to his or her class. If your child is a bit older, he or she can go to school on his or her own if you, as a parent, give permission.


After school care (bso)

We pick up your child from school to go to the bso. We start the afternoon with a drink, a healthy snack, and a chat. This way we create a moment of rest after an intensive day at school. Then it's time to relax and get started on the day's activity program.

We also play sports and do fun exercises with the Young Sport Heroes program: an exercise method specially developed for child care.


Bso Sports

For the sporty ones, we have two special BSO Sports where everything is about… yes: sports! After a quiet start with a drink and a snack, your child can get started with a wide variety of sports and games program. This way your child comes in contact with sports and exercise in a playful way. Throughout the year, your child will be introduced to a wide range of sports to discover which sport he or she likes best. At our BSO Sports, we work with the Young Sports Heroes program, which allows our pedagogical employees to vary endlessly with sporting games.


After school care during holidays

Your child can also play at our bso during the school holidays. We are open all days during the holiday, from Monday to Friday; your child can come to us 52 weeks a year. Since it’s a holiday, we do extra fun things with the children. The DoenKids activity program offers enough fun for this. We also take nice trips to the park, cook together, or play sports.

Will your child not be staying at our bso, but do you need occasional child care during the school vacations? Please contact us to see if we have a place available.


After school care fees

Both before school and after school care are covered by our child care allowance from the tax authorities. This means that you do not have to pay the costs of the BSO yourself. Whether and how much child care benefit you will receive depends, among other things, on your (joint) income. With our handy calculation tool, you can quickly calculate what you will pay per month for the after school care of your child(ren).


Lunchtime care (tso)

Together we create a pleasant and quiet lunch moment. After that moment your child can play nicely. We do activities such as crafts, exercise, games and reading. Children like to participate in this. Of course, activities are also offered while playing outside. At the tso we work together with volunteers.

SKH provides lunchtime care at:

  • St. Willibrordus School in Buitenkaag;
  • Oranje Nassau School (ONS) in Badhoevedorp.

Which bso does pick up my child at which school?


  • Auris Prof. van Gilse school: bso 't Groene eiland
  • Sterrenschool Bikube: bso Bornholm
  • RK Basisschool De Bosbouwers: bso Wigwam
  • Basisschool De Bosrank: bso Wigwam
  • PC Basisschool Het Braambos: bso Hasselbraam
  • PC Basisschool De Brandaris: bso Mirakels and bso sports Hoofddorp
  • SBO Klimboom: bso Wigwam
  • RK Basisschool De Klippeholm: bso Bornholm
  • RK Basisschool Klavertje Vier: bso Mirakels and bso sports Hoofddorp
  • Montessorischool Bornholm: bso Bornholm
  • Montessorischool Floriande: bso 't Groene eiland
  • Montessorischool Hoofddorp/Pax: bso Bornholm
  • OBS De Octopus: bso Toolenburg
  • Optimist International School: bso Hasselbraam and bso 't Groene eiland
  • OBS de Optimist: bso 't Groene eiland and bso sports Hoofddorp
  • CBS Tabitha: bso Toolenburg
  • PC Basisschool Vesterhavet: bso Bornholm
  • RK Basisschool Vredeburg: bso Vredeburg
  • IKC Wereldwijs: bso Wereldwijs
  • RK Basisschool De Wilgen: bso Toolenburg
  • Juliana van Stolberg: bso Ontdekking



  • RK Basisschool Antonius (Kalslagerring): bso Wervelwind and bso sports Nieuw-Vennep
  • PC Basisschool De Ark: bso Wervelwind and bso sports Nieuw-Vennep
  • RK Basisschool Bommelstein: bso Wervelwind and bso sports Nieuw-Vennep
  • SBO De Fakkel: bso sports Nieuw-Vennep
  • Basisschool 't Joppe: bso Wervelwind and bso sports Nieuw-Vennep
  • Basisschool Merlijn: bso Wervelwind and bso sports Nieuw-Vennep
  • Basisschool Het Mozaiek: bso Mozaiek and bso Wervelwind
  • PC Basisschool OpMaat: bso Wervelwind and bso sports Nieuw-Vennep
  • Daltonschool Het Palet: bso Wervelwind and bso sports Nieuw-Vennep
  • PC Basisschool De Polderrakkers: bso Wervelwind and bso sports Nieuw-Vennep
  • RK Basisschool 't Venne: bso Wervelwind and bso sports Nieuw-Vennep


Our 13 after school cares:


  • Bso Bornholm (district Bornholm)
  • Bso Hasselbraam (district Floriande)
  • Bso Mirakels (district Floriande)
  • Bso Ontdekking)
  • Bso Toolenburg (district Toolenburg)
  • Bso sports Hoofddorp in sports complex Koning Willem-Alexander (district Toolenburg)
  • Bso 't Groene eiland (district Floriande)
  • Bso Vredeburg (district Toolenburg)
  • Bso Wereldwijs (district Graan voor Visch)
  • Bso Wigwam (district Overbos)



  • Bso Mozaiek (centre)
  • Bso Wervelwind (district Getsewoud)
  • Bso sports Nieuw-Vennep in sports complex Sandestein (district Getsewoud)
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