Trusting and loving care for children aged 0-4 years

Your child will be going to a day care for his or her first time and that can be a bit scary. The most important thing is that your child feels at home with us and has fun. Which is why at our professional day care center locations, you will find comfortably furnished rooms with great play corners. Our groups are set up so that babies have the space to sleep comfortably when they need to and older children have room to play.

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Playing and growing together

The day care center is a great place for your child to play with other children. Children learn a lot from each other through playing together: older children learn to be considerate of the younger kids and babies as well as learn to help the Assistants look after the others. In turn, the very young children learn from the language and speech development of the older children and unconsciously adopt their play behavior.

There is plenty of room for your child to play at the day care center. In the play corners, at the table where we do arts and crafts together, and especially outside.


For the very young children

We have plenty of space that are quiet for babies to take a nap. There is also enough time for games and development. With our own activities, we stimulate your baby's senses, motor skills, language development, and social-emotional aspects. We also use materials that support this, in line with Baby-Sensi principles. Our pedagogical employees has received special baby training for this.



Exercising is an important part of the day-to-day routine in our care groups. Every morning and every afternoon, for example, we play outside for at least half an hour. Even when the weather isn’t great, we go outside to get some fresh air. Our outdoor areas are designed responsibly and open to children of all ages to stimulate learning and fun. From the age of 2, the children participate in weekly sports with our own sports coaches.



Have you registered your child at our day care center? Then during an intake interview, we will agree on an adjustment period and discuss what this will mean for you and your child(ren). The settling-in period is for both you as a parent/caregiver as well as for your child, because it is important to us that you both feel good at our day care center.


We work with a fixed hourly rate in child care. Everything is included in the hourly rate for toddler preschool: diapers, food, drinks, and outings.

You do not have to pay the full cost of the care yourself. If your child attends toddler preschool with us, you can apply for child-care benefits from the Dutch tax authorities. Whether you will receive child-care benefits and, if so, how much, depends on your (joint) income. Use our handy calculation tool to quickly and easily calculate what you will pay per month for the care of your child.


Our 9 day cares


  • Day care Baloe (district Toolenburg)
  • Day care Bornholm (district Bornholm)
  • Day care Mirakels (district Floriande)
  • Day care 't Groene Eiland (district Floriande)
  • Day care Hasselbraam (district Floriande)
  • Day care Wereldwijs (district Graan voor Visch)



  • Day care Lisserbroek



  • Day care Regenboog (district Getsewoud)
  • Day care Wervelwind (district Getsewoud)


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