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All children need to feel safe and secure in the classroom as soon as possible to be able to develop and grow further. For this reason, the municipality of Haarlemmermeer and the VE & Zorgteam (Preschool Education Care Facility) of the Stichting Kinderopvang Haarlemmermeer (SKH) have joined forces to support schools and children in this respect.

In addition to preschool care facilities for over 300 children (2-4 years) at our 24 toddler preschool locations, SKH offers Jonge Kind (Young Child) language coaching in the groups 1, 2 and 3 of primary schools in Haarlemmermeer. Our Jonge Kind Specialists help children who have just come to live in the Netherlands to understand the rules and rituals in the classroom and help them understand the Dutch language. They also do this for children attending preschool education care facility (VE) who are transitioning from kindergarten to primary school and still need some extra help.

The targeted coaching of pupils through Jonge Kind language coaching in the classroom has been carried out by SKH in the Haarlemmermeer since 2016. Short language coaching Jonge Kind courses is a service subsidised by the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. As a result, there are no costs for the school or for the parents. SKH also offers longer language coaching Jonge Kind courses if the support demand requires this.

For whom?

Our Jonge Kind Specialists are there for all pupils who need extra support to get off to a good start at primary school, for example, pupils who are starting as newcomers or pupils entering school with an extra support requirement aimed at a (severe) language deficiency in Dutch. We are also there for children who previously went to childcare, but did not or only briefly take part in preschool education care facility and cannot yet sufficiently benefit from education as it is currently provided.

By whom?

The implementation of Jonge Kind language coaching is provided by the SKH team. These itinerant Jonge Kind Specialists have a higher professional education (hbo) degree or a pedagogical background and are specialised in working with young multilingual children and/or children who need specific developmental stimulation in the Dutch language.

  • Our preschool education care facility coaches offer preschool education care facility support at the daycare centres of SKH.
  • Our Jonge Kind Specialists offer support in language in education (Jonge Kind language coaching).

The side effect of deploying the Jonge Kind Specialists at the schools is both a direct through line in the guidance of the pupil and substantive cooperation.


For 6-8 weeks, one of our Jonge Kind Specialists will provide an average of 1.5 to 2 hours of support per week in the classroom. Of course, this is tailor-made and the Jonge Kind language coaching can be shortened or extended. The support is aimed at making a pupil feel safe and comfortable in the classroom as soon as possible, so that he/she can continue to develop. Possible objectives include, for example, making the rules and rituals of the classroom his/her own, understanding the planning board, being able to ask for help and stimulating the social-emotional skills in order to connect with classmates.

Sometimes Jonge Kind language coaching is used for a longer period of time. The Jonge Kind Specialists work alongside the teacher's group programme. The pupils are coached in small groups (a maximum of 3) or individually, both inside and outside the classroom. Long-term Jonge Kind language coaching is a supplementary offer to the vocabulary teaching implemented by the teacher. The aim is to stimulate language development (active, language comprehension and vocabulary) in a targeted way. In addition, if necessary, specific goals are set for each pupil with the ultimate goal of having the pupil re-join the regular programme.


The aim of Jonge Kind language coaching at school is:

  • The pupil feels safe in the classroom, knows the rituals and rules and the associated language to feel self-reliant.
  • The pupil is able to cope well in interaction, play and collaboration with peers.
  • The pupil can independently benefit from (language) education.
  • Starting or further stimulating the Dutch language.
  • The transition from VE at childcare to the start of primary education is supported.

Pupil-specific goals are set in cooperation with the teacher and the parents.

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Would your school like to make use of our services? Then mail to This is followed by an exploratory meeting to discuss the wishes and expectations. We will also draw up an action plan.

Do you want to use our long trajectories as a school? Please contact Sabine Visbeen (Coordinator VE & Care) via or 06-83 24 29 19 (absent on Wednesday).

Is your school already using language coaching for young children and would you like to enrol your pupils? If so, please complete the application form (as a school), signed by the parents, and email it to: One of our coordinators will contact the school to match it with a Jonge Kind Specialist and schedule the coaching for the relevant pupil.

Please note: requests can only be made by schools and our VE coaches and Jonge Kind Specialists. Our specialists (VE coaches and Jonge Kind Specialists) and the school consider which children would benefit from Jonge Kind language coaching. Parents do not submit applications.

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