Day care rates

When applying for child care benefit from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration, an hourly rate is requested. The hourly rate for 2023 for the day care center is € 10,03, also for extended care. Day care is always offered per day, not per hour. The price includes food and diapers.


Preschool rates

When you register your child for preschool, you may be entitled one of the following:

-      childcare benefit
-      a subsidised placement 

This is depending on your personal situation, such as your family composition and your income. In the following information we explain which is applicable for you under which terms. 

Conditions for the childcare benefit

Childcare benefit is a contribution towards the costs of childcare. This is arranged through a monthly payment done by the tax authorities. You can apply for a childcare benefit if you and your possible benefit partner have a job or follow a reintegration programme, a civic integration course or a training programme. Please check the website of the tax authorities for the additional conditions at Belastingdienst

If you are entitled to childcare allowance? Then you pay as of January 1, 2023 for all-year toddler care (52 weeks) the gross hourly rate of € 10,03 to SKH and you receive a monthly allowance from the tax authorities. For a 40 weeks contract you pay the gross hourly rate of € 10,56 (by January 2023).

Conditions for a subsidised pre-school placement

Municipality Haarlemmermeer subsidises pre-school for parents who are not entitled a childcare benefit. The municipality charges a parental contribution depending on your income. You have to be able to show that you are not entitled childcare benefit. As from 1 January 2020 the number of subsidized childcare hours mandatory is 8 hours per week (2 mornings of 4 hours) for subsidized childcare. And mandatory 16 hours per week (4 mornings of 4 hours) for subsidized hours of Voorschoolse Educatie (VE) (Preschool Education). You can find more information at the Haarlemmermeers municipality website.

Parental contribution in 2023 for a subsidized place

Family income from  to

parental contribution 2023

per monrth, 2 mornings (8 hours per week), 40 weeks a year

 €0   €21.278                     €48
 €21.279  €32.715                     €51
 €32.716  €45.018                     €65
 €45.019  €61.231                     €80
 €61.232  €88.015                     €110
 €88.016  €21.965                     €160
 €121.966  and up                     €200


After school care rates

Bso Full Package 52 weeks

With this package, your child can enjoy after school care from 8:30 to 18:00 throughout the year. For an attractive rate of € 8,88 per hour, this includes 40 school weeks, 12 holiday weeks as well as all study days of the elementary school on chosen contract days. In the last week of the year (the week between Christmas and New Year) your child(ren) is/are welcome at our bso.


Before school care rates

Before school care (vso) is also covered by the child care benefit from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. We charge the same hourly rate as for after school care. Breakfast is included in the price.


Lunchtime care rates

SKH provides lunchtime care at:

  • St.Willibrordusschool in Buitenkaag (€ 2,95 per day);
  • Oranje Nassau School (ONS) in Badhoevedorp (€ 1,50 per day). 

You cannot apply for childcare allowance for lunchtime care costs.


Calculating costs and child care benefit for 2023 yourself

Via the handy 2023 calculation tool, you can calculate the net costs (i.e. including child care benefit) yourself.

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