Baby-Sensi, the best of care for your baby:

Are you looking for a warm, safe place for your baby?
Where his or her development is handled very consciously?
Come and have a look at our Baby Sensi group!



Baby-Sensi in short:

  • Rest, attention and optimal development are our focus

  • Constant carers with a lot of baby care experience and special baby training

  • Growing up healthily and safely; with a healthy warm lunch

  • Your child will learn how to communicate earlier by using sign language

  • Your own app for your baby

Stimulation for all areas of development

Our Baby Sensi group is arranged to encourage and stimulate your baby. We use our own activities to stimulate the senses, motor skills, language development and socio-emotional aspects. We move to music, blow bubbles and play with feathers, stuffed toys, musical instruments, books and wooden toys. When we talk to your baby, we support language with gestures and images to allow your child to be able to communicate sooner. Your baby can develop in his or her own way and at his or her own pace.

Why use a specific approach for babies?

Research shows that the brains of babies grow faster during the first year of life. More than a hundred connections are established between all kinds of cells in the brain. By stimulating these exact cells through all of the senses, we ensure that more connections are created and that the cells are more active. The experiences we offer now are important to later development and learning capacity of your child.

Development-focussed childcare

In addition to stimulating social-emotional development, we also stimulate all other developmental areas needed to communicate, move, experience, think and play. In all of our nursery groups we apply the Pyramid method. Pyramid works from a solid emotional basis, namely one of feeling safe and being able to trust our staff and the other children in the group. This allows development to be specifically stimulated. Activities in the Baby-Sensi group follow this rule.

Activities: individual and together

Every child is provided with enough space to develop at his or her own pace. We encourage your child by offering sensory items/resources and activities. Examples include moving to music, blowing bubbles, playing with feathers, leaves and sensory sand. We do this alternatively in a group or 1 on 1. Some activities are done together with the whole group, especially when shared fun is an important goal, such as in singing and making music. Our other activities are done in smaller groups. Children do not need to be at the same developmental level. This gives them the opportunity to be able to learn from each other.

Good contact kept with you

You and your child will have a constant Baby-Sensi carer (mentor). As parents you will therefore always have a trusted person to turn to. There is daily contact with you via your own baby app and when you collect and drop off your child. An extensive annual parent interview is conducted; feel free to make an appointment for additional interviews.

As your child grows older

Up to the age of 9 to 12 months, babies determine their own sleeping and feeding routines. As they get older, children in the group are offered more fixed daily schedules. At about 2 years of age, your child can progress to the vertical group or to the toddler group. If your child is ready for more challenges or deeper development at an earlier stage, it is also possible for them to progress earlier.

The design

The Baby-Sensi group has been designed with quiet and pale colours with separate corners for various activities. Resources are modern, homely and warm. There are specific sensory articles to play with and for activities. Toys are in boxes decorated with pictures on them. The floor also has some images on it. The room is arranged so that children can play independently from a young age. All of the toys etc. are at the right height for the babies and smaller children to be able to access. This stimulates your child to play independently at an earlier stage.





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