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The SKH-childcare centers work together with 3 international primary schools in Hoofddorp (nearby Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Schiphol, Haarlem, Leiden)

Especially the first years in a childs life are crucial for the development. Discovering, experiencing, learning and experimenting are important at our child care centers in Hoofddorp. Our highly qualified employees make sure that your child will get accustomed soon. They will give your child confidence and stimulate it to try new things. SKH has a wonderful Baby-Sensi® approach and team up with dutch and three international elementary schools:  

Our childcare centers:

Baby-Sensi, the best of care for your baby:

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BSO FUN, too nice to miss out on!

Enjoy outside school hours care

Your child is more than welcome at our before and after school care (BSO). Our locations are warm, enjoyable and challenging places that your child will love to attend after school. In the Haarlemmermeer area, we cover almost every school. Your child is welcome in his or her own group with pedagogical employees who are really there for your child. We offer a range of FUN activities. These enable your child to discover his or her own interests and talents. We share lots of fun together. The program during schoolweeks is called BSO Fun. During the holidays we offer BSO Xperiences. 

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Our childcare stands for:

Happy children and parents

Feeling supported as a young family is so important. Your child is our priority, with well educated, qualified and experienced staff.

Child development

We provide emotional safety for all children. We start by building an emotional bond, so the child feels at ease and is ready to play and explore. Giving the child opportunities to explore there own talents, being themselves and supporting moments of rest during the day. Our professionals are capable to acknowledge children's needs, even special needs.

Personal attention and loving surroundings

Parents call our childcare loving and well qualified. We offer a safe, secure and a clearly defined structure, giving children opportunities to grow and explore their own talents. Emotional bonding comes first, then we teach children to take care of each other and work together, social skills.

Green and healthy childcare

A green and healthy environmont is important . We offer healthy food, a warm, biological lunch and fresh fruit every day. The children play outside every day.

Together and sharing

Parents and childcare are partners. We keep parent meetings and there is a daily interaction with the pedagogical staff. there is a personal mentor for every child. We work together with other child centered organizations and we have an app for our parents to read about the daily experiences of your child, see pictures en recieve newsletters.

Over 45 years active!

We offer: All day childcare, Baby-sensi groups, Parent-children groups, Playgroups, After school club( BSO Fun), Special after school clubs( sports, music), Breakfast club 4-12 years, Holiday club ( BSO Xperience).
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Stichting Kinderopvang Haarlemmermeer

Stichting Kinderopvang Haarlemmermeer is a professional organization that offers high-quality childcare with 8 daycare centers, 24 pre-schools and 12 out-of-school care facilities. We have been offering childcare since 1971 from a highly developed social and community involvement as a non-profit organization. 

In more than 45 years we have become the childcare in Haarlemmermeer. Together with local organizations we provide a wonderful environment in which your child is happy and can grow up well. We work together with all kinds of organizations from the Haarlemmermeer. We are partners of the municipality, CJG, JOGG, many primary schools and various other local organizations.


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Aantal vestigingen 41
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  • Alles
  • Opvang 0-4 jaar
  • Peuteropvang
  • BSO 4-12 jaar

Kinderdagverblijf 0-4 jaar
Peuteropvang 2-4 jaar
Buitenschoolse opvang 4-13 jaar
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